“Skip Watching Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend, Play in the NFL: Upgrade to Debian Linux 12.5 while Super Bowl LVIII is On – BetaNews”


Get Excited for the Newest Release of Debian 12 – “Bookworm”!

Forget the Super Bowl – Linux enthusiasts have something even more thrilling to anticipate. The highly anticipated codename “Bookworm” has just been released as the fifth update to the popular Debian 12 operating system. So instead of watching the big game, why not try your hand at installing and exploring the latest features of this beloved distribution?

Enhanced Security and Stability

The primary focus of version 12.5 is on addressing security vulnerabilities and fixing significant issues. For ease of reference, all previously published security advisories are included in this update.

It’s essential to note that this update doesn’t mean a whole new version of Debian 12. Instead, it updates specific packages within the distribution. This means that existing “Bookworm” media remains valid, and post-installation, users can upgrade to the latest versions by using an up-to-date Debian mirror.

Minimal Updates for Existing Users

If you regularly update your system from security.debian.org, there will be minimal packages to update as the majority of these updates are included in the point release. However, for your convenience, the Debian project intends to make new installation images available at the usual locations.

Significant Package Corrections

This update brings significant corrections to numerous packages, including apktool, atril, base-files, and more. These fixes address various vulnerabilities, ensuring better stability and security for users. Notably, issues such as arbitrary file writes, crashes when opening specific files, and security vulnerabilities have been addressed in this release.

Major Security Updates

Security updates are a crucial part of this point release, with advisories covering a range of packages – think roundcube, chromium, libreoffice, xorg-server, and more! Additionally, the Debian installer has been updated to reflect these improvements and fixes.

Time to Update!

If you’re already using Debian Bookworm, make sure to update your system to take advantage of the improvements and security updates. And for new users or those looking to create fresh installation media, head over to the download page and experience Debian 12 – “Bookworm” for yourself!

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